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Czysta | Woda z Giżycka

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The city of Giżycko in cooperation with Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Giżycko encourages people to drink tap water. The campaign's ambassador is Aleksandra Juszkiewicz, a biologist, ecologist, recognized as the winner of the MasterChef culinary program.


PURE | Water from Giżycko


The aim of the campaign is to raise the awareness of the inhabitants of the rational use of water resources, to have a real impact on reducing the production of plastic and to convince the inhabitants of Giżycko that really delicious water flows in their taps.



Water from Giżycko's taps


Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Spółka z o.o. is responsible for the collection, treatment and distribution of water for the needs of the population of Giżycko. at ul. Obwodowa 6 in Giżycko. The raw material for water production is the groundwater resources of the Borecka Forest. These waters are much cleaner than surface waters. This is due to the fact that they are protected against direct effects of atmospheric pollution and from the earth's surface. The water in Giżycko is drawn from the depth of 212m to 44m. There are 15 drilled wells near the water treatment plant, which supply raw water to the treatment point by means of underwater aggregates.



Tap water from Giżycko is characterized by a high degree of mineralization, over 700 mg / l. This is more than many popular bottled waters.


Composition of individual minerals (based on a study commissioned by PWiK)


mg/l Sód (Na) 21,3 Magnez (Mg) 22,6 Potas (K) 3,24 Wapń (Ca) 105 Siarczany 39,0 Chlorki 20,3 Fluorki 0,36 Wodorowęglany 429 Ditlenek węgla > 250

Ola Juszkiewicz chooses tap water from Giżycko every day



Taste of water

The tap water in Giżycko does not need chlorination or ozonation, which definitely has a positive effect on its taste. Before drinking the water, pour a full stream of water over it until it is cold. Poured water can be used, for example, for watering flowers Limescale deposited in the kettle are valuable minerals Tap water has minerals, including bioelements such as calcium and magnesium. Boiling or filtering the water causes the precipitation of some minerals in the form of sediment (scale) - especially calcium and magnesium compounds - which softens the water, but also causes the depletion of the mineral composition of the water. For this reason, boiling water is not recommended for direct consumption.


Saving money

1 m3 for approximately 666 1.5-liter bottles. Assuming that a bottle of water costs 1.5 zlotys, we get 999 zlotys.




Ola Juszkiewicz invites you to a tour of PWiK

TAP WATER - free water in restaurants in Giżycko, served straight from the tap


Free tap water in restaurants is a standard in western restaurants and an increasingly popular practice also in Poland. The list of establishments and institutions in Giżycko that will soon have it on offer is surprising! Their owners took part in the Czysta Giżycka campaign without hesitation, because they are aware that thanks to this they limit the production of plastic bottles and the use of valuable water needed to produce them. They prefer to serve this water for free to their customers.

List of partners of the Czysta Giżycka campaign:

  • Browar Chmury
  • Tawerna Siwa Czapla
  • Restauracja Hotelu Masovia 
  • Restauracja i Hotel Wodnik
  • Hotel St. Bruno i Restauracja la Bilbiotheque
  • Apartamenty Porto
  • Hotel Tajty
  • Restauracja ośrodka Łabędzi Ostrów
  • Centrum Promocji i informacji Turystycznej w Giżycku
  • Żukowscy Materiały Budowlane Giżycko
  • Hotel Mazury
  • Korsar Euro Cup 2021
  • Państwowa Szkoła Muzyczna I stopnia w Giżycku
  • Centrum Profilaktyki Uzależnień i Integracji Społecznej oraz Świetlica Socjoterapeutyczna i Klub Seniora CPUiIS
  • Centrum Integracji Społecznej w Giżycku
  • Hotel Cesarski
  • Hotel Giżycko
  • Restauracja AZS COSA Wilkasy 
  • White Bear Coffee


If you are interested in participating in the campaign, please contact the Promotion Office of the Municipal Office. Each partner will receive a starter kit with information, gadgets and leaflets.